Integral Guessworks begins by asking well into a synthesis of essential paradigms, through which we offer research, consultation and design services. 

Our primary ecosystems of theory and practice: 

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Integral Philosophy and Practice: A profoundly inclusive and multi-dimensional approach to life 

at any scale. 


  • Holism and Inclusivity

  • Aperspectival and Transpersonal

  • Personal, Cultural, Professional and Social

  • Leadership and Organizational Development

We start by simply including everything, then begin mapping all the parts and wholes.


Sacred Arts of Hosting and Friendship: Timeless wisdom and practices for companionship, caregiving and soulful community.

  • Sociocracy and Non-violence

  • Transpersonal Community 

  • Soul and Role Development

  • Stages of Life and Rites of Passage

  • Activating the "Wounded Healer" Principle  in Service and Leadership 

  • Wisdom for End-of-Life

As we transform how we talk and how we relate, we transform life and everything.


Permaculture Design:

Methods and ethics for designing restorative and regenerative ecologies and economies. 

  • Living Systems Design Ethic

  • Pattern Literacy and Biomimicry

  • Reconnecting Humanity and Nature 

  • Designing for Resiliency and Abundance

  • Cultivating Economies of Wisdom and Care

As we become fluent in the patterns of nature that make us, our lives flow in harmony with those patterns.