Integral Guessworks is an invitation to a quest for a living alchemy through the arts, language and design. 


We begin by asking well into an interdisciplinary synthesis of living and essential paradigms, through which we offer research, consultation and design services for personal and professional individuals and organizations.

Here are our 3 primary "ecosystems of theory and practice":

Integral Philosophy and Practice: A profoundly inclusive and multi-dimensional approach to life 

at any scale. 


  • Holism and Inclusivity

  • Aperspectival and Transpersonal

  • Personal, Cultural, Professional and Social

  • Leadership and Organizational Development

We start by simply including everything, then begin mapping all the parts and wholes.


Sacred Arts of Hosting and Friendship: Timeless wisdom and practices for companionship, caregiving and soulful community.

  • Sociocracy and Non-violence

  • Transpersonal Community 

  • Soul and Role Development

  • Stages of Life and Rites of Passage

  • Wisdom for End-of-Life Healing

  • Activating the "Wounded Healer" Principle  in Service and Leadership 

As we transform how we talk and how we relate, we transform life and everything.


Permaculture Design:

Methods and ethics for designing restorative and regenerative ecologies and economies. 

  • Living Systems Design Ethic

  • Pattern Literacy and Biomimicry

  • Reconnecting Humanity and Nature 

  • Designing for Resiliency and Abundance

  • Cultivating Economies of Wisdom and Care

As we become fluent in the patterns of nature that make us, our lives flow in harmony with those patterns.



Living Arts Design Labs

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